Daily Yoga & Greens

Daily  Yoga:I woke up bright and early for a 7:15 class…rushed over, to find only one other student had showed up.  Happily a third student came in as class started.  Vinyasa 2-3 class was good, not great.  The teacher had a nice pace, but liked interjecting personal tidbits from his personal life…I now know his age (58), that he had dated his love back in his younger days, refused to get married, then married her a few years later after she had divorced her first husband.  Interesting.  I still broke a sweat, felt challenged, and sealed the intent for today:  to be open to love & to banish fear from my heart.  Life is too short for that bs!


Post yoga greens:  parsley + mint + cucumber + vega smoothie, 1 pear, 1 bowl of blueberries.

Lunch:  Vegan burger patty, cauliflower mash & 1.5 servings rice crackers. 

Snack:  vegan bar, pumpkin seeds & goji trail mix (2 servings)


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