WIAW: All the vegetables


Breakfast has still been berry and apple “cereal” bowls, so delicious! 


With an an egg white and tea.


Simple snack of veggies, romaine and hummus avocado dip (unpictured).  I also like to make a savory goat’s milk yogurt dip (with yogurt, lemon juice and sea salt + fresh pepper).


Lunch is always a freshly chopped salad that I pack each morning.  I’ve been making homemade dressing (salsa mixed with hummus or avocado – try it its so good) packed separately.  I like to add toppings of whatever appeals to me at lunch time like trail mix or rice crackers.


Dinners have been really good lately since I’ve been using the veggies I roasted from my Sunday food prep (zucchini, red onions, beets and tomatoes)



And tossing them with tofu or eggs to make a quick stir fry, and serving it with an asian or balsamic dipping sauce.  

Desserts are also not pictured but have included apple slices, frozen bananas and yogurt mixed with a bit of honey and walnut pieces.

Have a wonderful nourished day!:) More WIAW fun at theleangreenbean.com


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