Thursday: Breathe Deep & Summer of Salads

Nourished Mind

At yoga yesterday, our teacher reminded us during a particularly hard pose, “remember that the quality of your breath controls the quality of your mind..” I always forget how simple it is to bring calm, perspective and peace to the moment by simply breathing slower and more intentionally. Lately I’ve been feeling inexplicably fatigued and skipping my morning yoga and workout routine – I’m really feeling the negative effects.  I have to remind myself that exercise brings in more energy and allows me to live my day in a much better way.  Lately I’ve really been enjoying online streaming subscription ($5 for Yogaworks members!).  It features so many of my favorite teachers from my old studio on Montana street in Santa Monica- lately it’s my favorite way to start the day.  Today was a really stressful day at work…it seemed that we barely stopped working all day, managing difficult patients and staff, it really felt endless.  I wish I remembered this little piece of advice!  Breathe. 

Screenshot 2014-07-31 21.30.39


Nourished Body

Lately with the incredibly hot and (humid!) weather we’ve been having in orange county, all I’ve been wanting are…salads all the time.  Below are some of my lunches & dinners.  Since I prep all my veggies on Sunday, salads are a breeze and I have a healthy meal in 5 minutes or less.  For lunches I like to top my salads with trail mix or hummus, and if I’m at home I’ll grill fish or a vegan protein like tofu, chicken or veggie burger.

2014-06-11 17.08.37

2014-07-16 14.17.062014-06-30 17.59.34

Hope you had a wonderful day and remembered to take moments to monitor the quality of your breathe and thus your mind :).


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