Technology Cacophony + WIAW: Strawberry Fields Forever

Something to think about Screenshot 2014-07-30 08.26.00I loved this post about the time we spend consuming vs. creating in life, and how trying to tip the balance in favor of creating, can increase our happiness and satisfaction.  I definitely fall into the hole of bloglovin’ pinterest instagram tumblr..and sometimes an hour or more will go by, and I’m not sure I gained anything from drying out my contacts staring at my phone screen.  I dusted off this blog today, in an attempt to utilize my online time in a more creativity sparking and non-consumerist way:).  Baby steps.

Beautiful I’m definitely late to discover this blog, but I’m completely in love with her style, joie de vivre and her images are gorgeous.   The Londoner is my new blogger crush, she has a pretty great life.  I need to plan more picnics. (image from The Londoner).Screenshot 2014-07-30 08.29.09   My first WIAW! Lately I’ve been so hungry right when I wake up, and have been enjoying hearty well-rounded breakfasts.  My breakfasts have always start with berries – strawberries & blueberries are my favorite way, along with a hot jasmine green tea. I’ve also been having cinnamon topped sliced apples or bananas with a protein quinoa pancake and sometimes a little goat yogurt & honey on the side.  A simple, delicious and satisfying way to start the day. 2014-03-28 07.11.09   For lunches, I’ve been having a vegan soup or a salad with trail mix or rice crackers as a topping or with a side of hummus. My lunchtime usually involves a fresh salad that I brought from home, and an iced green tea on the side to power me through the afternoon. This lunch was a vegan carrot soup from Le Pain Quotidien which is one of my favorite lunchtime spots. 2014-02-05 13.20.11   Dinners are whatever I’m craving, but just a small portion since I get home after Barre class, past 7-7:30. Lately it’s been roast or sauteed vegetables with quinoa and eggs. I also usually have a piece of fruit and some trail mix for dessert. I generally keep my dinners vegan, since the thought of going to sleep with meat still digesting in my stomach, kind of grosses me out. Dinners are healthy only because I do all my fresh veggie, protein/grain prep on Sundays, otherwise I’d probably have only enough energy to eat something out of a package!  More WIAW posts here.   2014-03-12 16.47.28   Today’s agenda: Office checklist, errands, 12 pm yoga, green juice/cafe to finish some work, 4:30 barre, dinner. Have a wonderful productive day :).


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