Yoga Daily

My most effective energizing and calming routine, that I’ve re-started recently, is my daily yoga practice at a studio.  I’d been trying to practice at home for the previous few months- and it may work for some, but for me, it’s all about the energy of the class, and especially the teacher!

To work, then to home, then on repeat- this can be exhausting and enervating.  Going directly from work to the yoga studio, regardless of how I’m feeling  this week, has literally saved my week and helped me to manage myself amazingly well this week.  It’s continuously surprising how much yoga effects change in such a positive way in my life.

Since moving to a new area (orange county), I also tried to practice at a few studios closer to home- one was corepower yoga and the other was purple yoga- let me tell you, both of them just weren’t for me.  After about 1-2 weeks worth of classes and some $$ I went right back to my regular yoga studio, which I drive an extra 15 minutes for- well well worth it.  I find heated yoga, a bit too much like a gym/bikram/cross-fit style of yoga – which is oddly enervating for me.  If you’ve tried different styles of yoga, you know exactly what I mean.  The energy was so different.  And people who haven’t tried standard yoga (such as that found at yogaworks, definitely need to try it to see what yoga truly means).

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.30.07 AM


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