Morning Routines: Green Juice Cubes

I’m constantly trying to simplify and systemize my mornings – so that I have a reliable routine to get me off on the right food in the mornings.

Sometimes the morning is just too busy to pull everything out of the fridge: kale, celery, cucumbers,  and the freezer: bananas or pineapples- then toss everything in a blender with a splash of soy milk.  I also noticed that sometimes after a large green smoothie (perhaps it’s all the raw vegetables?), I feel a bit bloated in the morning.   I started to think of ways to simplify my morning routine and become more consistent and energizing…green juice ice cubes changed my week!

This is all there is to it:

Green Juice ice cubes (2-3)  (ps- I started juicing just once a week on Sunday- usually kale, celery, cucumbers, green apples, lemon and fill a large ice cube tray- which I store in a freezer ziplock back in the freezer).

1/2-2/3 cup of organic soy milk (the TJ’s brand has no additives aside from soy beans, water and I think sea salt!)

1/2- whole frozen banana or some frozen pineapple.


Blend & enjoy with maybe a morning avocado toast & hot tea.  So delicious and easy.


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