Banana Cinnamon Frosty & An Early Spring

This simple & light treat is a delicious way to end the meal on a particularly warm day!  It’s 70 degrees & sunny here, and the cherry blossoms are already in full bloom.

The difference here from the standard banana ice creams, is that it’s primarily ice-based, so not as creamy- but the plus is that you get more volume, and it’s just as delicious.  The taste is heightened with a whole cinnamon stick & a splash of vanilla.

photo (2)

Banana Cinnamon Frosty


1 small banana

1 full cup of ice cubes

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut milk

Splash of vanille, sprinkle of nutmeg & 1 whole cinnamon stick

A few drops of Stevia (or maple syrup)


Blend well, transfer to a pretty bowl, and enjoy in the afternoon sunlight.

In the background: a profile on Alexandra Bonetti from the lastest Elle- she’s a Venezuelan born Wharton grad, the founder and co-owner of Bari a TriBeCa fitness studio and of Bari Food Society, a meal-planning and nutrition program.


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