New Year


I really have one main goal for 2013.

This is to create a daily morning habit- a morning routine that is meditative, grounding & restorative.  I really believe that nothing creates a better start to a good day, then a great morning ritual, practiced daily.

For me this includes having a refreshing glass of lemon water followed by a warming green tea with almond or coconut milk.  Breakfast is usually nourishing & light:  a small glass of alkalanizing green smoothie, a  piece of fruit alongside either toast or a small bowl of steel cut oats with berries.  I’m devoted to an hour of yoga each morning.  When I can’t make it to a studio I love, I’ve learned to enjoy my home practice.  It’s meditative, grounding, energizing, and I feel ready for my day after that last headstand.  This I know, will be a life-long habit that continues to nourish and ground me.

My intention for my yoga practices has continued to be, “Truth, Kindness & Beauty in all that you think say and do.”


Below a favorite teacher, Malachi Melville (pictures from her website).



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