Wednesday Beauty: My Day = No Stress Zone

I think in a world where we’re inundated with product marketing & media (my bathroom counter is a testament to this with a small city of potions & serums) , it’s easy to lose sight of what creates true beauty.  It’s so easy to forget that true beauty (aside from being in love of course:) comes from staying active (in nature = bonus), sleeping well, eating intelligently, drinking lots of fresh water & the biggie: reducing stress as much as possible.  

Below are some of my favorite activities, aside from yoga of course, for times when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need a breather…

A bike ride to the beach (bliss), or simply a walk in the neighborhood with a good podcast, or a favorite spotify station.


If the weather is not so great, going to my favorite cafe & enjoying a hot tea latte & a great book (currently loving biographies) always does the trick.  Le Pain Quotidien (favorite spot in LA) for their delicious baked goodies, vegan quiche & organic coffee drinks.


Museums are my absolute favorite way to spend a day off.  I could spend all day in my favorites…De Young in SF, or the Gettys in LA.  I loved living next to to the Getty Villa and will miss this dearly!


Often I won’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen, but if the mood to bake hits me, there’s nothing like a healthified, fresh out of the oven baked goodie to enjoy and share with friends and neighbors :).  Favorite recipes generally include coconut, chocolate, bananas, carrots, apples or pumpkin (yes I love adore fall baking),  are generally sugar & gluten-free, nourishing the body as well as satisfying the sweet tooth.


There is so much inspiration for natural real beauty to be found in the blog world as well of course.  I love Garance’s many interviews of beautiful, intelligent females, where she picks their brains for tips on real beauty, and a truly well-lived life.  A few of my favorites…




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