Life Habits: Waking Up & Digital Over-stimulation

This morning I woke up and realized that my laptop was in my car, and that my phone was completely out of batteries.

It was a really odd (initially kind of terrifying) feeling to not have anything digital within arms length to “ease” me into my day.  I have to admit it was almost painful not to have anything to instantly occupy myself with given a moment’s silence, whether it be an email, a pinterest find, a random article on my rss feed or a tweet that could lead to a life-changing link.

So this morning turned out amazing :).

Without anything to distract myself with, I hopped out of bed, into my yoga clothes & out the door for an early morning session.  I’d lately started to succumb to browsing online for a bit upon waking (sometimes longer than I’d like), and then crawling out of bed to a 9 or even 10:45 am yoga class.  But today, an amazing early morning yoga session was had, a green tea & almond milk latte brewed, a breakfast of berries & apples enjoyed, and work started, all by 8 am.

So. much. better that spending those 45 minutes lost in my inbox, a link to oblivion or some other form of digital addiction- which oddly doesn’t really ease me into my day but creates dread to getting started with anything at all.   I wonder how many cumulative hours I really do “waste” on various forms of digital devices.  While there truly is so much good to be found & potential connections to be made online, the key is allocating time for it- and limiting time spent staring at a screen and not out & about in the real world.

The New Yorker Cover – August 9, 2010 by Christoph Niemann

I think this really is life changing, especially today where the problem is the over abundance of information at rapid speeds, available at all hours of the day.

I’m going to try leaving all forms of electronics outside the bedroom, and in an allocated office space- where they belong.  

I may have to go buy a really old-school alarm clock (since my iphone will no longer have a place on my night stand :), but I think this is a good investment with the potential to create a lot more space and positive energy into my day.

Krista Tippett interviews Sherry Turkle, On Being Podcast link: ALIVE ENOUGH? REFLECTING ON OUR TECHNOLOGY 

On another note, my favorite drink to start each day is something warming & detoxifying:  A Jasmine Green Tea with just a bit of unsweetned almond milk.  There is something about Peet’s Tea- it tastes so much better than others I’ve tried.  My next project is to try making my own almond milk creamer – the detoxinista always has brilliant recipes.


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