Healthy Hot Chocolate (vegan)


It must be the change in seasons, the weather turning cold & windy, the day going dark so much earlier…but I’ve been having crazy cravings for chocolate & other forms of warm creamy deliciousness.  After dinner I nearly always crave something sweet, and this warming drink just perfectly hit the spot today.  There’s something so nice about setting out a nice tea tray & enjoying a well-prepared warming (and nutritious) drink after dinner.

The recipe is simple & quick to pull together:

Skinny Vegan Protein Hot Chocolate

Simply boil water, combine the below ingredients together, mix  (whisk) well & enjoy!

1/3 packet of a your favorite chocolate protein powder – I tried Vega first- horrible & powdery, then I tried Vibrant Health pure green protein powder – so much better!  Note:  I really don’t enjoy Stevia or products made with it- and much prefer either honey, maple syrup or organic cane juice sweetened products.


1 cup of hot water (you can heat up almond milk for an extra creamy drink)

1 (or 1/2)  small square of dark organic chocolate (I buy and always keep on hand the Endangered Species organic dark chocolate- Ingredients: Bitter Sweet Chocolate [Chocolate Liquor, Unbleached Water-Filtered Beet Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla}.



And a link to Golubka’s vegan spicy hot chocolate (with coconut butter & maca) .

Stay warm!


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