Daily Yoga, Greens & Nature

Daily Yoga:

I enjoyed a beautiful yoga practice today.  I had been in the habit of going to the Vinyasa 2/3 level classes lately- you know the classes which are equal parts boot camp & yoga- music blaring, and mat-to-mat separated by pools of sweat?  So I took a break today- and I am so relieved that I did!  One of my old favorite instructors H. lead the Yoga flow class today and it was meditative, invigorating, blissful & I broke a sweat and got a work out in.  I’m thinking I should relegate the 2/3 level classes to once or twice a week- max.  I feel so much more ready to tackle my day :).


After my morning work out I enjoyed a green smoothie (cucumber, celery, frozen banana & kale), a delicious pear & some raw nut butter & goat yogurt.


Lately I’ve been doing the 4th St. Steps…what a work out!  I’ll ride my bike down to the beach, stretch it out then ride over to the steps and do 2-3 reps.  I actually prefer the winding steps right off 4th st. vs. the wooden broader set of steps a bit further down–I’m trying to stay out of the sun (my sister who’s a derm is always telling cautionary tails of premature wrinkling from sun exposure).  I’m in my early 30s, so I’m definitely on guard now more then in my carefree 20s!   Ocean air + Motion is the closest thing to a panacea for life’s obstacles :).


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