Noni’s Bistro in Pleasanton

What an unexpectedly delightful Sunday dinner!  Shared with a nearest and dearest friend.


Noni’s Bistro is in downtown Pleasanton, and we stumbled right into it after deciding that our original dinner destination wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

On the menu, the Chef Jon Magnusson writes,

“I have been privileged to establish countless friendships and strong ties to the community through the Art of Hospitality.  Which is, in my world, a chance to serve our fellow humans of all walks of life good food with humility and gratitude.”

How amazing is that?

The menu is simple, delightful.  Among the standouts of the night were a vegan carrot-ginger soup- which was seasoned perfectly and creamy and rich -yet at the same time nourishing & balanced.  The goat cheese crep which is baked and served atop fresh tomatoes, candied walnuts and organic greens.  They’re known for their Salmon- the owner’s roots are after all Icelandic!  The Grilled fresh salmon comes served on top of a bed of fresh greens, onions, hardboiled eggs, capers, tomatoes with shavings of parmesan cheese and a creamy basil vinaigrette.  I had a simple avocado salad instead- but I will be back for that Salmon!  Other items that I must try include the Vegetarian Gnocchi which consists of fresh market veggies with potato dumplings, fresh herbs and parmesan- served in a baked acorn squash.  And the Veggie Lavash- grilled seasonal vegetables, spinach, red peppers, feta cheese tzatziki sauce and an organic salad.  The desserts look divine.  We tasted the dark chocolate bread pudding, which was served with fresh blueberries & a generous scoop of rich vanilla gelato.  Yes we were in heaven.

The restaurant has an adorable outdoor patio alongside Main St. which is perfect for people watching while enjoying the unbelievably friendly and personal service, and the beautifully presented & tasting food- just a great experience!



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