Daily Yoga & Greens

Daily practice:
I need to first write a little about my practice yesterday- it was with my usual 7 am vinyasa teacher, and I always love it when I have little spiritual breakthroughs as I move through a relatively habitual asanas.  She mentioned that when we try too hard at something our face starts to pucker and we start to tense up emotionally and mentally – which causes a physical tensing of our muscles- which actually works completely against us and our efforts.  Be happy.  Put in effort, but allow the process- don’t force the result- that defeats the whole point of a practice- to grow, evolve & learn on the mat- lessons which manfest in our daily lives.  Love this!

Yesterday’s Greens:  Fresh green juice with lots of ginger from the WF across the street.  Simple, energizing start to the day.  No fruits- and my stomach felt better for it that day.

Today’s meditations:  

I loved today’s reading.  How important it is to have self-awareness and knowledge of our true selves- so that we create our lives based on solid values and beliefs derived from vidya (truth & direct knowledge of the soul).  These qualities that are timeless & universal- rather than fabricated from societal pressures, media-driven messages or materialistic half-truths collected through a life built on external crutches.

“Our identity derived from a lifetime ‘s collection of half-truths and misinformation…In short we are defined by externals- by what we do and by all the ways we come up short.  Within this worldview, disillusionment and despair are a part of every feeling person’s repertoire.  Bob Dylan received an Oscar for writing and performing a song with the refrain “ I used to care, but times have changed.”  If we are to derive the truth about ourselves from the media or from the material world, well, perhaps it is best not to care.  The opposite of this predicament is VIDYA or Knowledge.  It refers to the direct knowledge of the soul….which brings immediate relief from the ceaseless suffering we incur from avidya (ignorance).  To better understand this concept, reflect on any number of moments in our own lives…when we are in a fever pitch of obsessive worry and self doubt- we are defined by our partner- our partner is leaving, we are defined by our job, and we just lost it- or by acceptance from a group of friends- and they just blew us off- in this mode our slight reed of self-esteem has collapsed under the strain of our most recent attempt to get something from the outside in order to make us feel OK on the inside…we are betrayed, we are abandoned, our worst fears have been realized, we are unworthy.  But, when we realize in a moment of vidya- and see hope, timelessness, gratitude- for that brief, still moment, we have had direct knowledge of our soul.  We have cut through the constructs of our mind and perceived world-view and have seen the truth.”

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