Excerpts from Meditations from the Mat

“Tapas exists whether we channel it into a spiritual practice or not.  For tapas is, the drive to end suffering.  Tapas is simply an energy, and it can work either for us or against us.  Our suffering begets the will to end suffering.  The will to end suffering becomes the tapas of yoga when it is grounded in personal responsibility.  The tapas of yoga is based on the idea that our suffering is caused by our reaction to external events.  Viewed in this light, our suffering becomes our teacher.  The ever-present demon becomes the ever-present teacher. Nonviolence becomes possible, truthfulness becomes possible, nonstealing becomes possible, moderation becomes possible, nonhoarding becomes possible.  We always have everything we need.  When we fail to believe this, we suffer. 


My thoughts:

I liked today’s meditation.  There definitely are days when I have a lot of nervous energy or unexpected life stressors- it’s so liberating to view our own challenges as teachers and to know that our reactions are wholly ours.  This energy that we each have within is from day to day can be channeled intelligently, calmly & patiently– since these things our within our control- our reactions, choices, thoughts, words, actions- we are responsible– and this is empowering and ultimately tells the story of how we lived our lives.


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