Daily Yoga & Greens

Today’s yoga, was more of a cardio work-out.  It’s interesting how when the yoga class is focused on sweat, power & fitness, the meditation kind of falls by the wayside.  I found it hard to concentrate on my intent- but I pretty much sweat my body weight through the vigorous fast-paced class!  The teacher was also this teeny skinny energy ball of nervous energy- not at all the usual teacher I gravitate towards (calm, centered, sweet, meditative).  I did a huge faux pas and tried to do the headstand without a wall (which I’ve never attempted) without assistance, and I nearly lost my head!  Baby steps :).


(pictured: community gardens on Main St. in Venice beach)

Today’s Greens:

Complements of wholefoods- kale, celery, cucumber, herbs, lemon and ginger. Followed by blueberries & plums.

Lunch:  Delicious salad wraps: with avocado, carrot, arugula, cucumber & sliced baked vegan falafel burger- dipped in miso dressing.  Rice cakes & a small handful of almonds for dessert.

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