Daily Yoga & Greens

Good fabulous morning (okay afternoon). 

Everyday I feel stronger, more centered, more equanimity, and more beautiful.  Yoga has transformed my mornings, my days and my life in ways I did not expect.  It has become my meditation, my home, my safe place.  The moment of the day when my scattered thoughts stop, worry is shed & my values, goals, self gain increasing clarity, breath by breath- pose- by pose.  By shavasana, I feel like I’m ready for the day, for my life.

Today I woke up a bit past my normal 7 am class, so went to another vinyasa flow class at 10:45…and fell in love with the teacher, and the class!  I think this happens often to me :).  The class was focused on arms, core, breath & meditation.

I did my first side crow pose (parsva bakasana)!!  I genuinely never thought I would be able to do this pose- since I always assumed my arms were like noodles, weak and wiggly.  Our teacher was amazing at breaking the pose down into bite sized pieces and creating the perfect environment for first timers like me.  So great, and my arms felt so strong in this pose.


At the close of class we also did Alternate Nostril Breathing –or Nadi Sodhanabreathing exercises.  1 prolonged breath into the right nostril- hold for 4 counts- then exhale for 2 counts out of the left nostril- 1 breath into the left nostril- hold for 4 counts- then exhale for 2 counts out of the right nostril…etc.  It creates calm and a meditative state.  For me today it got me thinking and focusing on my breath..until my mind wandered off thinking about work, my relationship, etc…it’s a work forever in progress!

Today’s Greens: 

Instead of my green juice, I enjoyed 2 fresh garden plums, a bowl of blueberries & and organic apple in the morning.  For lunch, I had a delicious bowl of steamed sprouted brown rice with organic yellow squash alongside a cucumber salad.  Delicious and filling!


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