Today  was one of those Monday’s where things just didn’t go the way as planned.  Plans for the day fell through at the last minute, and attempts at productivity for the day were wasted- you know, one of those days.  From failed plans & poor communication, to traffic, excruciatingly hot muggy weather and muffins that didn’t turn out well…well you know- sometimes we all have these days.Solutions for bad day… Rx:
Jump on your bike, and ride down to the ocean- stare at the ocean for awhile, breathe.Make a Lemon verbena, lime & organic sake cocktail- enjoy with great company on the porch- with ocean air wafting through.  Yes!  I already feel much much better :).







Brighten up your Monday Lemon Verbena Cocktail:

Lemon Verbena leaves- fresh & minced if desired

1-2 servings organic dry sake

1/2 lime juice (fresh-squeezed)

2-3 large ice cubes

Method: mix, muddle, enjoy :)!

The below are excerpts from

Lemon verbena, a perennial shrub known scientifically as Aloysia triphylla, contains an essential oil that aromatherapists value for its restorative effects.

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, author of the “Complete Aromatherapy Handbook,” likens the scent of lemon verbena to “morning when everything seems fresh, new and promising.” The cool and refreshing fragrance of lemon verbena increases energy, relieves fatigue and overcomes feelings of apathy, disinterest and listlessness. Fischer-Rizzi says these characteristics make lemon verbena an ideal choice for use on dull, overcast days at the office or hot, humid days in mid-summer — and any other time when the weather and other conditions discourage productivity. In addition to refreshing the body, lemon verbena’s essential oil helps sharpen concentration and stimulate brain function, according to Fischer-Rizzi.
If your nerves are getting the best of you or if you can’t seem to snap out of a depressive episode, lemon verbena may be the herb for you. Margaret Roberts, author of “Herbal Teas for Healthy Living,” says that lemon verbena promotes overall nervous system health and in tea form combats both depression and the ill effects of stress.

Rx for a bad Monday

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