Daily Yoga & Greens



What an inspiring morning class!  It makes such a difference, as I’ve mentioned before, who the teacher is for each class I’ve taken.  Their energy, flow, guidance is such a huge part of your experience in class.  Today I had a teacher M. who was beautiful, inspiring, centered, present, gentle, just absolutely lovely.  Class was meditative, challenging and flowed so seamlessly.  I always practice yoga at about 7 am each morning, but I missed class this morning- and by luck ended up in M.’s class- what a happy accident.  Although it’s a later class- I’ll make it work- it makes all the difference.  I still wake up at 7 am by habit, so I’ll start these late mornings with deep breathing and gentle stretching at home, followed by my daily morning reading and some light work- at least to make productive use of my mornings.  In other words, yoga is like my caffeine- I need it to center, calm, focus my mind- for each new day!  It is that essential to who I am now, and I’m deeply in love with my practice :).


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