Daily Yoga & Greens

Pictured: my favorite place in all of LA when you have a free sunny day to enjoy as you wish…the Getty Villa in Malibu :).

Today’s yoga was a “yoga flow” class, but it was definitely more hatha in structure.  Our teacher was a slim, graceful, serene, meditative type- which I loved.  The yoga classes I’m taking at my fitness club vs. yoga studio are so drastically different, yet they are both revelatory and beneficial in their own way.

Today’s highlights were breathing deep and strong through held poses- building endurance, equanimity and the meditative quality I so love in my practice of late.  We did nearly all our poses on 2 blocks- which was new to me- and I actually enjoyed the novelty that each of the poses presented when balancing on blocks.  I felt like the body was elongated even more deeply and challenged in new ways.

Today’s intent, was on my Wednesday routines which always include a WIR (week in review) where I assess the week thus far, clear out any to-do’s and plan for the remaining week so it’s flows as well as it can.  It’s also the day where I do any beauty routines, from face masks, pedi/mani’s to touching up my hair or brows.  It’s a sleep early, hydrate well and nourish intelligently day :).  Always restorative.

Today’s Greens were actually another small bowl of fruit (blueberries & 1 banana).  green tea & lemon followed.  I’m finding it difficult to have my green juices when I’m traveling vs. in my easily accessible santa monica neighborhood where I have healthy spots at my fingertips.  Do the best you can & enj


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