Daily yoga & greens

Today’s yoga class was called, “yoga stretch.”  Not at my usual studio, and as a result quite unexpected and interesting.  An older teacher and an older class, thus a slower simpler class- but no less powerful. 


A beautiful pose called flowering lotus, where we reach up with our hands shaped as a lotus but, then point them down into our hearts, and unfold them to “blossom.”  Loved it.

A relaxing breathing pose called (I think) “sunbird.”

And surprisingly I’m starting to enjoy chanting more!  I’m forgetting the exact phrase, but it was in meaning something to the effect of pure bliss, pure consciousness, pure body. 

I’m really enjoying integrating my breath and core strength more and more into the poses- regardless of how simple or how slow- it’s so powerful to build focus, self-awareness & gratitude into each breath & pose.  Meditation in movement.


Today’s greens were subbed for a bowl of fresh berries & an organic apple.  Just as delicious. 

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