Daily yoga & greens

Today was a wonderful yoga vinyasa class.  The teacher had a laid-back, contemplative & gentle demeanor, which I loved!  He was funny to, and interjected a random quote by Oprah Winfrey mid-pose, which had me trying to figure out the meaning of it- when he added, “I’m not sure what that even means, but I just wanted to quote Oprah today.”  I laughed :).   

My arms are feeling more powerful during the charangas (spelling)- although my belly often ends up touching the floor still I can hold the pose a lot longer before.  I can do headstand and crow!  Both of which I had never done consistently in the past.  I feel my body getting more toned, powerful and aware.  The feeling is irreplaceable. 

Today’s intent was a dedication to the morning space I’ve created for myself, before the day starts, to charge the mind, body and spirit with my daily yoga practice.  It has been life changing, and I’m excited to see where it leads me, and the strength, peace & equanimity it has brought me- multiplied. 


Today’s greens:  A big fat green juice!  Also noshed on some delicious fresh cut pineapple, honeydew and pear.




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