Daily yoga & greens

Yoga today was quite interesting.  I took my second ever Iyengar class.

I noticed Iyengar teachers are…intense!  I feel a bit like I’m in school and am not doing anything right.  But I still enjoyed the class since I was able to intimately see how to do the poses that I had been doing on autopilate in the same habitual way.  And when it’s revealed that a small adjustment (or larger shift in balance) is in order and you end up feeling something entirely different in the pose, it is a bit of a revelation.  And then this is something you keep with you an take with you through life.  Knowledge is priceless and gives & gives.

The corollary in life would be all those bad habits we have.  For me that would be letting fear at times dictate my reactions (not good), suppressing emotions with less than healthy habits, avoidance and procrastination, lack of patience… Just to name a few!

Sometimes we let things, events and emotions dictate our daily lives, often in opposition to how we truly want our lives to be lived- with truth, beauty, kindness, balance, fearlessness, peace and joy.  A small shift, allowing in new teachers, people, experiences into our daily lives- can create the ripple effect of lasting positive changes.

I followed up yoga class with a large fresh squeezed green juice with lemon & ginger at Wholefoods.  Where I saw my yoga teacher again :).  Then with some super sweet honeydew melon – delicious & satisfied.  Ready to do this day right!


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