Daily Yoga & Greens

Daily Yoga:

Today was an extremely challenging Vinyasa class..it was crowded beyond belief!  Toes to head.  Isn’t it amazing what a difference it makes from teacher to teacher?  The practice, the energy, your fellow yogis, the intensity of the spiritual or athletic practice- it’s so varied.  I still haven’t set my heart on my favorite teachers- I’m having a lot of fun jumping from class to class and trying all the different styles.  Sometimes your body needs a restorative practice and other times it’s dying to be challenged, flowing and sweating.

My arms were still sore from yesterdays challenging class, so the arm & core heavy class was harder for me than usual (which actually isn’t saying much, since I have wimpy arms).

I also didn’t have as spiritual a practice today, since I was sweating, huffing and puffing my way through the poses which seemed never-ending.  But it was extremely satisfying at the end, when I knew I just had an amazing work-out and had pushed my body (and my poor arms) to strengthen, tone and my practice to evolve.


Lunch:  1 vegan veggie patty with a kale & cucumbers salad, roast vegetables, hummus & salsa.

Snacks:  1  1/2 servings of rice crackers & 1 pear

Off to enjoy the day!


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