Daily morning yoga

ImageMy favorite yoga teacher right now is Tara Stiles (above)- she has such a fun, optimistic and centered spirit which she infuses into her practice on the mat, in the kitchen and in life.


I’m not sure how I keep forgetting how centering a daily practice of yoga is for me, but whenever I have an amazing yoga class- I’m like a new person :).  I love the energy and community of a class, the detoxifying stretches & twists (and sweating!) along with the benefits of focus and moving meditation that is yoga- it’s simply my favorite way to calm center and energize the body, mind & soul.  BLISS.

It’s so true.  Yoga calms, centers and focuses the mind and the breath, which elevates and calms the mind, the thoughts and therefore the actions and events of the day.  You realize that a calm, joyful awareness of the breathe and mind- is the key to a day well-lived.  Sure, a vigorous run or spin at the gym may get the sweat going and burn a few calories, but where else other than on the mat in yoga class can you connect the mind, body and spirit with breath- and connect with the energy of the teacher and your classmates?  It’s simply irreplaceable!

After yoga I enjoyed a veggie puree soup with roast zucchini & kale salad.  For dessert, a small bowl of sweet brown rice and pumpkin seeds.  Delicious and satisfying.

Have a beautiful day!Image

(pictured, a morning bike to the beach through the marine layer- so beautiful 🙂

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