Yoga daily

Heard in class..(sun beams hitting one student on a hot day in santa monica)

Teacher: ” you’re in a sunny spot of class right there (pointing), you can move over to this cooler side of class or use this opportunity to practice equanimity…”

I found this funny 🙂

I had the most amazing practice today with a new to me teacher, Heather.  It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful new experiences, new teachers, new practices can be to your life.  Sometimes we only think we like routine, when in reality, there are so many new wonderful things, people, places, ideas to discover…if only we were to look, listen, see!

Today’s intent:  I couldn’t help but meditate on a first date I had yesterday…on love, on life, and what I want to manifest in my life at this juncture…

Today’s practice:  uplifting, amazing, joyful, fun & flexible.

Today’s favorite pose:  jumping in and out of plank felt particularly light & agile for some reason


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