Harumi, and the Beauty of Japanese Cooking

A few of my favorite things include cooking great healthful & delicious food, as well as art (painting, sculpture, viewing or making- I love it all). When these two combine, such as they do in Japanese cooking, where it’s said that you eat with all 5 senses- it’s love at first sight. I’ve been infatuated with Japanese cooking ever since my days of graduate school when I lived a few minutes from many Japanese restaurants and grocery stores. This lead to the typical series of events that occurs whenever I become obsessed with something new…excitement and inspiration, then a ton of research including bookmarking websites and multiple trips to bookstores & libraries, then creation & sharing.

Recently, I found Harumi’s cookbooks at my local library, and her books are masterpieces- in their simplicity, coherence and approachability. The personal anecdotes scattered throughout the recipes give beautiful insight into the art of Japanese cooking & long held traditions which manifest in her every dish.

“an important part of the cook’s job is choosing the best dish for each recipe, as the correct dish will complete the picture of the meal.  In common with much of Japanese art, such as sumi-e, we believe that simplicity is a key element in beauty.  This simplicity also means that each dish holds only a small portion of food so that the dish itself can be seen and appreciated.”






White Fish Salad dressed with sesame dressing, “this makes a great starter or a light lunch…”

Tofu and Avocado Dressing, ” the combination of avocado and tofu gives it a real richness and melt in the mouth texture that is quite special.”

All Images from Harumi’s Japanese Cooking by Harumi Kurhihara

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