Tennis & escaping forward

Tennis is one of my loves, along with yoga, sunbathing & good healthy food :).

Each Wednesday, I meet a friend to play tennis on the sunny courts out in San Francisco and the world just melts away. Today it was 70 degrees (in January!), clear & sunny with no wind. The views of the water, the golden gate, the neighborhoods of San Francisco spread before us- and I felt so blessed to live in this beautiful city & all that it offers!

I love tennis since I become completely engaged in the game- there’s nothing like it :). I appreciate this “escaping forward” concept (via the outlets of physical exercise, art, science&learning) vs. “escaping backwards” (distractions & consumption). It’s the truest & most enriching form of complete absorption- something I appreciate more and more as life becomes increasingly complicated with age! If only I had engaged in this concept more as a student :).

The Inner Game of Tennis is a book I stumbled upon at some point during residency. The concept of the mental game of tennis directing your physical game resonated with me- as with most things in life a clear & focused mind allows for physical follow through with much less effort & angst. It’s during the times of complete flow where skill matches the challenge and we lose track of time (and our problems, the world, etc) that we have freedom.


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