Daily Routines

What routines do you have in your day? What daily thoughts & thus actions have become habit, creating flow, decreasing stress and disorder in your day?

I’ve often thought about this question and seriously tried to incorporate high lofty goals & diminish those undermining habits- an accumulation of being a student for far too long.

Here are some I have currently which I love…
Wake up at 630, 20 minutes of flow yoga (20 minute yoga download podcasts!)
Starting the day out with a Peet’s tea or single shot americano no-room
Working out after the workday (except Tuesdays = rest day)
Outdoor workouts with the pup or tennis on all days off- weather permitting

Here are a few other habits & thought patterns which I’m trying to eliminate (although they creep back sometimes)
Snacking after a full meal (I notice that the nibbles go away though if you wait it out 20 minutes & occupy yourself otherwise)
Spending far too much time online (Bloglovin, Pinterest, twitter, link after link…and well over an hour has flown by with nothing to show for it)
Cancelling or changing plans (I am getting much better at following through of late)
Fear of change (the only constant is change right?)

I love reading about other people’s daily routines.
An interesting site with insights into different authors & artist’s daily routines: Daily Routines
The small daily actions that create the imprint of our day. How do we increase the positive & get rid of the negative…forever? Knowledge of why we do what we do, each moment. Creating the space for our forebrain to direct the animal brain in a meaningful & purposeful way.

Daily Routines to begin & keep in my daily life:
1) AM Routine: 30 minutes of cafe time each morning to read a bit of morning inspiration, check my to-do list off & review my day (& relevant emails, patient charts).
2) Nourishment: the same breakfast daily (Tea, Toast & avocado + tomato, 1 fruit) & lighter dinners for a restful sleep. Hydrate better: Water/herbal teas between meals.
3) Connecting & keeping up better with loved ones: Weekly sunday (or sat) dinners, weekly tennis dates, Say yes & get out there more.
4) Colleague connection: Bi-monthly meetings with colleagues/ study clubs/ mentorship
5) Diminishing commuting angst: Maintain a pristine car! Funny/inspiring/educational podcasts, Hydrate (water only), No distractions (phone, snacks, etc. during driving)
6) Career: Thursday morning as a catch-all day for patient/office related details to-do. Monthly full-day continuing education & Career-goal day.
6) Blogging Daily: On balancing life as a professional female beginning her 30’s strong :).



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