Business Plan: Be a Contribution

Excerpt from the Art of Possibility by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander:

“…The president of a Hong Kong company came to me and posed a question that I had been asked many ties by many others…He said, I like very much contribution, but what about money? You have to make money!”

My answer was that money has a way of showing up around contribution because money is one of the currencies through which people show they are enrolled in the possibility you are offering.  

“But what about the stockholders?” He rapidly countered,

At this point his wife standing next time him gas him a firm jab to the ribs and said, ” No, not the stockholders, the children!- it turned out the company produced the motor for a tiny children’s car.  In his concern for the stockholders, this CEO had forgotten that the company was formed around the idea of making a toy that children would love to play with.  And in fact that distinction may never have been clearly articulated as a vision, so it was the more easily lost, and with the framework of possibility it could have been provided.

At that, the man laughed what I like to call “cosmic laughter,’ because he got the whole thing in a moment- how absurd human beings are, and how magnificent.

photo: taken on a run, Chrissy Field

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