So you’re not a gym person

I’ve tried, a lot, to be a gym person.  Generally it doesn’t last, and turns me even more off on getting active- since there is that guilt factor of a dormant gym membership and an automatic deduction monthly!

I recently discovered Samantha’s blog, Could I Have That.  I love love love her take on staying active- in this case it truly is to each their own, on how to best stay active and work it into your own lifestyle for the long term.  I pretty much do exactly as she does in the fitness department (including my two Tracy Anderson vids, which I love!).

From her blog:

1. Hiking — I’m spoiled by living in Santa Barbara where there’s tons of amazing hiking trails. The beau and I have a few favorites that we like to do on weekend mornings. 
2. Yoga — After having back surgery years ago, yoga is one of my favorite ways to stretch my limbs out and work on my core strength. I found a favorite studio and class that plays good music, which keeps me motivated. 
3. Walking — Sometimes after a long day of work I’ll catch up with a friend and go for a quick hour long speed walk through the neighborhood. 
4. Tracy Anderson Work Out Videos — What I would give to take one of her classes live. I love doing her mat and warm up videos that work muscles I didn’t even realize I had. And I kinda love that she’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer too. 
5. Dancing — Impromptu dance parties are a normal thing in my household. And let me tell you, it is the best way to burn some calories. 


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