WIR: Bring your lunch to work challenge

Every Sunday I do a WIR or Week In Review.  Where I assess the week and contemplate what I could do to facilitate life, increase satisfaction & leisure, and live lighter, wiser & more simply.  Less stuff, less debt more freedom & peace of mind.  Positive habits take awhile to build and we do tend to default to habitual paths of least resistance if we aren’t self-aware, and actively jump-start ourselves to positive change, which if done consistently enough, become our new habits & a simpler life.

This week, finances!  2 simple ways to reduce expenditures.  Cut out morning coffee , by bringing my own along, & bringing my own lunch.

Total saved, about $20/day.
I confess that I spend way too much money eating out.  Along with my morning Peets, lunch averages around $15+, although I generally will try to put together a healthy dinner at home.  So for this week my big challenge is to start bringing my lunch to work!

I get bored with what I eat relatively easily, and the food has to not only be healthy and appetizing but also displayed in a pretty way.  Bento boxes seem like a great solution.  Brown rice rolls along with a side salad, crudites & protein (tofu, egg, etc) may at least temporarily relieve my insatiable eating out habit!  How long will this last for?  I hope, forever, or there will always be a gaping hole in my checking account :(.

Bento box inspiration for the week.

This beautiful natural wood Kyo box can be purchased here .

Hapabento.com & bentobird have some great healthy bento box inspiration!


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