An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin

In the midst of this book, which I’m loving so far…Steve Martin hasn’t failed me yet 🙂 (aside from 1 book…the name I forget)

” Lacy’s new digs brought small quakes to her accustomed way of life.  Old friends were now subway rides away instead of around the corner, local restaurants had to be scouted, and her route to work was now on a crosstown bus, which meant that on rainy days she had to dodge slush much more frequently than when she was downtown.  However, movie theaters abounded, and bars were classier and friendlier to her new upscale life.  On weekends and holidays, she bicycled down the West Side bike path toward Chelsea, sometimes meeting the girls for lunch, dropping into galleries on Saturdays before work, and on Sundays she circled the entire city of Manhattan if the day was lazy enough and warm enough.  Nearby, Central Park grew into an oasis of biking, jogging, strolling, street music, tanning, fashion, summer theater, and solitude…”

“I met lacy at her apartment.  Wet, robed, mouth full of toothpaste, she pointed me the few steps toward the living room and then flitted into the bathroom.  I looked around.  i had never been in a young woman’s quarters that bore the appearance of success;  the ones I’d seen looked assembled from hand me downs and junk stores…Lacy was no longer dragging furniture from her past life into her new one.  Her apartment now furnished in Craftsman style, with mica lamps and hooked rugs contradicted its inhabitant, this girl who was barely tame, who’s businesslike demeanor was a curtain she closed and opened.  When Lacy reappeared, I changed my opinion.  Wearing a dress that uptown looked smart and downtown looked vintage, I realized she was of two worlds, able to exist in either of them without denying her own personality.  She had always had flair, even when she had been struggling…this was the first time I saw her that she looked like a woman and not a girl…Lacy had made mint juleps from a Times recipe, and we sat by her window at a small round table, sipping them like two grannies..”


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