My 12 To Live By

Inspired by Gretchen’s top 12 rules to live by, my own:

1.  Be A

2. Do good, feel good.  Act the way I want to feel

3.  Laugh at life.  ‘The business of the wise man is to be happy.” Samuel Johnson

4.  Do it now- Today!

5.  Enjoy the process.  Remember the arrival fallacy: the fun part doesn’t come later- Now is the fun part.

6.  No calculation, No judgement.

7.  Energy= Beauty.  Nourish intelligently, with pure whole foods.

8.  Yoga & meditation daily for balance.

9.  Sweat out the day daily, energize by motion!

10.  The meaning of life = Others.  Cultivate a ‘Community of aspirants’ (likeminded colleagues), Above all life is about our true friendships, Family love & Service to others.

11.  Life happens in Increments.   A small daily task, if it e really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”  Anthony Trollop.

12.  In the end- There is only LOVE.

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