75 Sunny Spring San Francisco

I’m so glad that finally the sun came out today…Today was one of those magical San Francisco days.

My whole place was brimming with sunlight, what a nice surprise…spring may finally be here (hopefully!!)

I started the day early with an amazing pilates class (my local gym has the most amazing instructors in both pilates & zumba 🙂

Sun-bathing at the local park in today’s gorgeous 75 and sunny San Francisco weather was pure bliss…until a dog squatted right in front of me & did his business…

Iced single- drip coffee with soy at my favorite local cafe, and then got really productive for a few hours knocking off some work-related to-dos.

I just found out that the folks at Jane bake all their goods from scratch daily!  I spied an amazing looking angel food cake with fresh strawberries…next time

After a mandatory stop at Fraiche for soy yogurt with  blueberries & toasted almonds…

I made a quick stop at the local grocer to get some fresh produce- organic strawberries & mangoes (my favorite fruits) on sale :). I was feeling like fresh home-made soft tacos.  Warm weather always makes me feel like mexican food, tortilla chips, fresh salsa & guac.

Going vegetarian with the protein, I picked up Tempeh & fresh goat cheese from France (it was so divine).  I sauteed the tempeh in citrus rinds, lemon pepper, sea salt & olive oil with a dash of honey.

Fresh mahi or scallops would have been soo divine too, but too lazy to walk all that way to get the good fish.

Assembled in an organic corn sonoma tortilla with home-made mango salsa & a spalsh of lime, yum.

All the while sipping on a Kombucha & Pelligrino strawberry “mojito”

Later on in the evening, stepping out to get some cardio in, I couldn’t believe that the weather was actually still warm & balmy…

Buying flowers that match the sun & your mood, and make your place smell like a garden…a must!

More sunny leisure filled days to come hopefully!


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