How to spend rainy San Francisco days

…Which has pretty much been every single day!  The lucky thing here in San Francisco is that chance encounters, creativity, beauty & delicious eats are only a few steps away…

I’ve been bringing home a lot of colorful root vegetables & keeping them prepped and ready to throw into heart & tummy warming meals, such as…

Stews, Curries & other warm bowls of goodness to chase away the rainy day chills!

These meals are so easy to make & so perfect on cold days…

I’ve also been working on a lot of art work for friends…

A lover of Billy Holiday,

A lover of tennis & having a true joie de vivre (drawing inspired by the uber talented Angeline Melin)

I’ve also been doing some cafe hibernating, with a warm latte & cute ambiance (Jane cafe on Fillmore, is just the best addition on this street in years)

Try their home-made granola & fruit bowl for breakfast, and their quinoa salad for a healthy lunch.

Meeting interesting new people who are also cafe squatting to avoid the rainy cold…leading to a cookie compliments of said person, and then one of the best dates I’ve had in years on the same street…chance encounters are just the best.

You can still take your workout from the gym to the outdoors during the pauses in the rain…it’s surprisingly warm! And fresh air does wonders..  snapshot was taken mid-run on the iphone..

Just because it’s overcast doesn’t mean San Francisco isn’t beautiful… it’s still breath-takingly gorgeous…just wear lots of fleece.

Live Beautifully Always :).


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