Thursday, Rainy Thursday

Today was a first day at a new job.  I had planned to be there early, refreshed & ready for a day of new challenges.  However Thursday came bringing torrential rains, maddening traffic, I left the house late and frazzled and arrived 30 minutes late!  Luckily the day got better with some mental acrobatic re-framing & re-setting.  Remembering to breathing deep & letting a good day flow.  A bottle of Kombucha & freshly squeezed veggie juice definitely helped.  While the day wasn’t exactly what I had imagined, it was definitely better than it could have been… considering!

Sometimes I think it would be soo lovely to work at home with my dog at my side, at a leisurely pace :)….dreaming- how to achieve a work-leisure-passion interface in my current 9-5?

Coming home in the evening, I relaxed with some Ella Fitzgerald, and made a nutritious & warming salmon & greens soup with roast sweet potatoes, and finished the meal with some strawberries, (too much)  freshly popped corn & a decaf espresso :).

Time for bed & book 🙂 & maybe some planning for a fabulous day off tomorrow…plans for an ocean run- (getting out in nature at least once a week is an amazing way to restore your mind, body and soul), mani/ pedi, yoga & a date!

(image from the fabulous Rue magazine, featuring Kate Spades new bedding line)

Craving Simplicity & Routine.

Craving Beauty, Nature, Wholeness & Inherent goodness in all things.

Craving these dippy eggs & soldiers as seen on!

Enjoy a fabulous night’s sleep with sweet sweet dreams :).

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