Inspired by My New Roots

Eating is something we do everyday, several times a day.  It’s a simple way to incorporate daily gifts to ourselves doing something we will inevitably do anyways.  How do we treat each meal & what do we choose for ourselves during each meal?  My New Roots has a great post on curating a beautiful meal for ourselves and the benefits it has for not only the body but also the mind & spirit.

From a favorite food blog of mine, My New Roots: (image from My New Roots)

“Eating is an art, and every meal can be a masterpiece. All it takes is a couple more minutes of dedication and the results are a truly astounding. When I allow myself the time to prepare food well and beautifully, it’s like I’ve just given myself a gift.

Meals that tempt the eyes are more likely to tempt the taste buds. That’s why, as a health-conscious cook, it’s important to make nutritious foods look their best. When a meal is appealingly presented, you and your family are more likely to eat and enjoy it – making it easier to stick to a healthful diet.


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