Creative Careers

Sometimes being in a very regimented profession, where 1mm makes all the difference in treatment results, leaves you yearning for a creative outlet where your creative mind & inspirations of the moment can be expressed freely.

Image source: Inslee

Every morning, my routine runs something like this…pad to the kitchen straight to the fresh lemons & water- make lemon water and take my vitamins with it.  Put 1-2 pieces of ezekiel bread in the toaster, get the nespresso running.  Breakfast is toast with avocado/fresh herbs, sometimes an egg and coffee.  Simple breakfasts always leave me feeling my best.

Then I hop online to see what inspiration is out there on the web, check my TeuxDeux calender & emails to plan my day.

This morning I was inspired by an artist I happened upon, Inslee. I’m always curious about how artists & creative people find a career simply by pursuing their passions…

“Growing up in suburban Virginia, I continued to love sketching and filled volumes of newsprint pads with my doodles of girls in dresses. It wasn’t until high school that I took a summer course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and finally figured out what it was that I had been doing all these years – I was fashion illustrating! And now that I knew my passion had a real name and professional application, I was hooked for good.

As a freshman at Washington & Lee University, I began studying studio art and art history; but perhaps the most exciting thing about beginning college was that I met wonderful friends who were thrilled to find out I could draw them and inspired me to keep illustrating.

Sketching my new friends sometimes took priority over homework. And hand drawn birthday cards were my forte – which gave me the idea in my sophomore year to turn my sketches into a note card design business and ask my sorority sisters to help spread the news. That same winter I introduced my first yearly calendar… and the rest is history.

After graduating in 2008 with a BA in studio art and art history, I moved to Washington, DC where I am continuing to grow my design business while always trying to find time to draw, paint (and blog!) daily.”

I’m always so inspired when I see the work of Garance Dore & now Inslee.

A common thread between the art that inspires me is that it’s Illustration-based and centered around fun & feminine themes.  Inspired by the images and a desire to constructively use my current free time, I’m enrolling in Illustration/ Art classes at the local art university! Wherever this leads me, I know I’ll have so much fun doing it :).

Have an absolutely fabulous day! 🙂

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