Tuesday, Sunny Tuesday

The weather has been incredible in San Francisco, it’s so beautiful that it’s hard to not be in a good mood!

Some fun & inspiring prints from around the web:

By Francesca Ramons

This one, by I’m not sure who..but a familiar mantra. Seen on apartment 34 & she put it so well, “Because when you do, you find your bliss..” 🙂

This cute poster seen on pink preppy lilly lover’s blog, transparency & truth in all things..

This one resonates with me, because after 10 years in LA I’m now in SF…and I have moments of longing for PCH, perpetually cloudless 75s, gauzy linen and flipflops, main st.’s farmer’s market & the plethora of healthy and relaxed eateries around santa monica & venice…I am home here in San Francisco!

Have a lovely lovely light-filled Tuesday.  Stop through your workday to incorporate the moments, people, things, ideas that you love & inspire you to be your best self today.  Be open to new ideas and changes for the better, but always remain authentically yourself.

Get some sunshine, eat lunch outside soaking in the rays.  Do some yoga, take it from a new teacher or studio to shake things up.  Take a Zumba class- seriously such an instant mood booster!  Eat healthy, whole, fresh foods that nourish your body & excite your tastebuds.  Enjoy your day.


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