Images to inspire for the week

Carrot cake is always delicious, the above is super healthy plus it has coconut! (I believe it’s from green kitchen’s blog)

Trying my hand at more healthy recipes at home this week to share…including a vegan carrot cake, a cauliflower cream soup (image from my new root’s blog) and an intriguing coconut chia pudding recipe..

Cozying & Prettying up my itsy bitsy kitchen, so that I’ll feel more drawn to cooking at home more!

Setting up a beverage console for my new favorite Citiz Nespresso machine, organic wines, my favorite drink of the moment Izzie-esque, and sparkling fruit & waters

Making this face & feeling this way every day! Dressing up, stepping out & curating a beautiful day, every day.

My favorite brunch rituals, Salad nicoise & grapefruit belliniii…(A favorite food blog scandiefoodie created the above beautiful salmon nicoise salad)

True story! Surround yourself with goodness, beauty & love.

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