Wednesday Sunshine

Finally a break in the gloomy winter weather, Sunshine!

On my mind…a beautiful image from cocokelly’s blog:

I’ve been seeing CITRUS EVERYWHERE- It really is the perfect antidote to the rainy gray weather & chock full of vitamin C.  The below image from a favorite:

An Upcoming Yoga Conference in San Francisco that I’m excited about

Featuring fun, informative paid & free events open to the public  as well as a marketplace for all things yoga!

Things to love today-

a crisp run with fresh ocean breezes, I feel so lucky to live here.

power yoga at a new favorite studio- while it was a not so challenging session, still good to stretch it out

leisurely lunching at my favorite boulange- Hello open face hummus sandwhich!

a spa treatment (wednesdays are pamper-me days :)-always schedule time to take care of yourself

squeeze in some work at a local cafe- creating a helpful website for my patients to access

trying my hand at a citrusy salad for dinner…deliciousness

Enjoy the day! Curate beauty, health & goodness into everything you do today.


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